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Stay Paid Podcast

Sep 21, 2020

I think that aside from the advice that Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on Shark Tank, gives about how to find a mentor, working with a mentor, and why having mentors is so great, the best part of this interview was listening to Kevin tell the stories of his own experiences with his mentors. He has so many examples of how he met someone who knew someone else, who then got him money, or an introduction, or a job—whatever he needed at the time. The key is to talk to people and to not be afraid to ask.

Key Points

  • How to find a mentor is really a question about how to build relationships. Look to friends, relatives, professional organizations—people who can put you in touch with other people who can help. But also look to people you interact with during the course of doing business—suppliers, distributors, financiers, lawyers, accountants. They could be a valuable connection and should be willing to help.
  • Shifts in mindset, which a mentor can often provide, can move you beyond what you initially thought was possible.
  • It’s one thing to take advice. It’s another thing to believe the advice. And it’s still another thing to act on the advice. Be your mentor’s best student, act on their advice, and offer something of value in exchange.

Action Item
Get a mentor and be the best student that mentor has.

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[1:19] Overview

[2:19] Kevin’s father introduces him to business and mentors him as a young boy.

[6:03] To learn how to finance his As Seen on TV business, Kevin looks for a mentor.

[8:35] Richard Branson gives Kevin advice, and he meets Mark Burnett of Shark Tank.

[10:38] Kevin talks about how to find a mentor.

[14:10] Kevin takes a bet and vows to meet Donald Trump in less than a week.

[17:42] Don’t be afraid to go for the big names, but make sure your mentor’s best student.

[20:05] How Kevin and Mark Timm met and decided to write Mentor to Millions.

[22:39] Zig Ziglar’s story of the fleas in a cup and shifting your mindset toward growth.

[25:24] Kevin’s experience with internet business.

[29:21] Luke and Josh identify and discuss Kevin’s Golden Nuggets.

[34:52] Action Item