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Stay Paid Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

We’re taking a walk down memory lane and sharing what Luke and I think are the best pieces of advice—The Golden-est Nuggets—from some of the most successful guests we’ve interviewed this year. IT’S THE BEST OF THE BEST ALL IN ONE EPISODE!!



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Top 6

Ep. 117 The 5 Things You Need to Build a Thriving Business (with Tom Ferry)

Ep. 149 How Philly's #1 Real Estate Agent Sold Over 10,000 Properties (with Mike McCann)

Ep. 151 NYT Best-Selling Author Jay Baer on Why Sales Is About Help Not Hype

Ep. 165 Founder of Snap Fitness on How to Scale and Lead a Business (with Peter Taunton)

Ep. 171 Dream big. Fail hard. Get back up. (with Tamara Johnson)

Ep. 183 #1 Agent in the Nation Shares Step-By-Step Secrets to Converting Leads (with Michael Hellickson)

Runner Ups

Ep. 114 Peter Lorimer - Build an Unstoppable Business by Betting on Yourself

Ep. 120 Become a Master Communicator (with Bryan Cassella)

Ep. 143 Dr. Sam Bakhtiar: 100 Million Dollar CEO

Ep. 155 How Krista Mashore Sells 100 Homes a Year Using Funnels

Ep. 193 The Two-Finger Follow-Up System with Jared James

Ep. 195 Why Sales Scripts are BS with Kevin Ward