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Stay Paid Podcast

May 17, 2021

If you struggle to convert audience engagement with your Facebook ads into bona fide appointments, then Gus Munoz Castro has proven advice that can help. Gus is the owner of PowerISA, one of the largest inside sales teams in North America. (They make 50,000 outbound calls a day!) During his interview, he shares the valuable, practical lessons he’s learned about what it takes to convince a lead to confirm an appointment.


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[4:00]     Preview

[5:25]     Gus’s business journey

[11:17]   Prospecting in the real estate space

[13:53]   Transitioning into building an ISA company

[20:28]   The critical importance of your lead source

[22:00]   Ranking the various lead sources; quality vs. quantity

[29:22]   Tactics for getting the appointment

[40:45]   Advice for tracking your numbers

[43:03]   Scripts and the need to build rapport

[49:37]   Speed to lead

[50:58]   Gus’s routines/habits

[58:00]   Action Item


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