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Stay Paid Podcast

May 31, 2021

Everyone can always use another source of leads. The more lead-gen sources you have, the less reliant you become on any single one and the more opportunities you have to find and be found by potential clients. This week’s Stay Paid guest and top producer, Faina Shapiro, has taken to the classroom to offer educational workshops that generate leads and boost her brand’s expertise. She’s created interest, gained exposure, and converted enough workshop leads to be named the top seller’s agent and the top buyer’s agent in her office for the last two months. Listen to hear what she can teach you about using workshops to persuade leads to come you!


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Faina invites listeners to email her at or to call her at 617-820-0600.


[1:43]     Preview

[2:56]     Faina’s business journey

[6:43]     Starting an educational workshop

[10:55]   Marketing benefits of educational workshops

[15:50]   Why now is the time for agents to develop an educational workshop

[18:35]   Where Faina’s find leads during this low-inventory market

[21:04]   Advice for succeeding in a competitive market

[24:48]   Authenticity, being client-centric, and the importance of doing what you love

[30:55]   Action Item


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