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Stay Paid Podcast

Apr 29, 2024

Ryan Forman is a mortgage broker working in more than 12 states and one of the key people behind ActuallyAgents, an online community of over 9,000 real estate agents. In these roles, he has the opportunity to engage large numbers of agents, so he's got the inside track on what's working for agents right now. During his interview, he shares three such marketing tactics you, too, can use to grow your business. Join us for today鈥檚 episode to hear about the undeniable foundation that continues to define every successful approach to real estate marketing regardless of whether it鈥檚 email blasts, paid ads, door knocking, or something else; the YouTube strategy that produced 16 deals in one year and 28K views in 28 days; and the best plan for sending cold emails we鈥檝e ever heard.

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0:00     Introduction

1:11     Ryan鈥檚 business bio

1:49     Ryan鈥檚 backstory

6:41     What鈥檚 working in marketing

8:27     What鈥檚 working on YouTube

13:01   Tip to getting started

14:57   Email marketing strategy | Referral partners

19:31   Email automation software

22:08   Advice post-NAR settlement

27:14   Action Item

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3 Marketing Strategies That Are Working for Agents Today