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Stay Paid - A Sales and Marketing Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

This week’s Stay Paid guest told us that his initial move into video content marketing was cringeworthy. But despite his videos being so amateur, Neel Dhingra’s commitment to consistency not only allowed him to improve his videos over time but also grew his business by a factor of 4 in one year and eventually from $300,000 to $3,000,000! Today, he shares his thoughts and tips about how digital marketing and how to successfully start, grow, and sustain a YouTube channel. 

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Ep. 301: Incredible Advice for Growing on YouTube (with Cody Askins) 



0:00     Introduction 

0:15     Guest bio 

1:15     How did you start using social media and video to go from $300K to $3M? 

3:05     Why being consistent is vital to success on social media 

3:55     Thinking exponentially instead of linearly [Golden Nugget] 

7:20     How did you find your audience and get people to watch your videos? 

9:37     How your audience grows on social media 

11:13   Consistency and the power of perceived expertise 

15:45   The importance of your hook 

18:39   Should you pay for better production quality? 

21:22   Short-form content is growing in popularity 

23:21   It’s the biggest opportunity to attract new viewers in years 

26:47   Useful hacks: hashtags, collaboration, Instagram stories 

30:47   Neel’s routines for success 

33:26   Advice Neel would give to the younger Neel 

37:12   Action Item