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Stay Paid - A Sales and Marketing Podcast

Dec 27, 2021

Steve Guilfoile and Shane Shafer have learned some valuable lessons about relationship marketing. By putting relationships first, they’ve build AffordaCare Insurance into a national company with nearly 10,000 licensed agents, brokers, and strategic partners. In this week’s interview, they share their thoughts on leading with value, strategic partnerships, and why relationships with clients will always drive business. 

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0:00     Introduction 

1:47     How did you settle on relationships as the way to build your business? 

3:01     Thoughts on and experience with door-knocking [Golden Nugget] 

5:55     What’s old is what’s new again – building relationships today 

8:01     Tactically, how do you do relationship marketing? 

11:03   Examples of relationship marketing in action 

16:21   Why did you add YouTube and commercials to your organic growth? 

18:45   How do you get your leads? [Advice to new agents] 

20:32   Listen for the value 

25:34   Forming relationships is an organic part of being authentic with others 

30:43   It takes effort to make any relationship work 

32:26   Advice Steve and Shane would give to their younger selves 

36:02   Action Item 

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