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Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Feb 14, 2022

This week’s guest is JB Bolvadin, the founder and CEO of TILRE Success Solutions. In 2021, he managed to sell 1,000 tickets in just 4 weeks to the first-ever Entrepreneur Conference using social media. Listen as JB explains why real estate is among the worst industries when it comes to effective advertising, what types of content real estate agents should be producing for social media, which types of content work best on which social media platforms, and whether Likes or Views of your social media posts are better for business. You’ll find more in-depth information and additional details not included in the episode from our show notes. Visit 


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TILRE Success Solutions: 

The Entrepreneur Conference 2022: 

Social media: @jbbolvadin


0:00     Introduction

2:03     JB’s business bio

4:13     Building conference and event planning business

5:30     Obstacles to promoting a conference during COVID

7:10     The solution that filled a conference in 30 days [Golden Nugget]

10:39   What should agents being focused on in their marketing?

12:46   Recommended video content for agents

15:51   Which social media platform is best for agents?

19:20   What’s better—Likes or Views?

21:16   What type of content gets engagement?

22:23   JB’s routines for success

24:32   Advice JB would give to the younger JB

26:29   Action Item