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Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Feb 17, 2022

We’re almost 2 years into the remote-work world imposed by the pandemic. According to NorthOne, 58.6% of the total US workforce works remotely either full- or part-time. The last time we addressed remote work on Stay Paid was in July 2020, so we thought it would be a good time to revisit the topic to discuss what we've learned and to update our list of helpful tips with 7 rules for managing a remote team. You can get more in-depth information and added details not included in the episode from our show notes at 


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0:00     Introduction

2:02     Rule 1: Over communicate

2:55     Evaluate and improve daily check-ins      

4:26     Rule 2: Use video to communicate      

6:12     Rule 3: Structure employee engagement

7:45     Create committees of employees

8:16     Rule 4: Document even more processes      

9:48     Rule 5: Establish and review KPIs weekly

11:04   How to avoid micro-management

11:32   Rule 6: Do the unexpected and mix it up

13:02   Rule 7: Test. Test. Test.

15:23   Action Item