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Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

Are you looking for another tool to add to your marketing toolbox? Why not consider public speaking? Today’s guest is Mark Brownstein, a Medicare professional and host of the radio show Medicare with Mark. As director of Medicare for Emerald Medicare in Nyack and Stony Point, New York, Mark uses public speaking appearances and webinars to continuously grow his business. In his interview, he shares how anyone can start to generate leads by simply sharing what they know with the employees of businesses they already partner with. You can get more in-depth information and added details not included in the episode from our show notes when you visit 

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Contact Mark at or 845-358-1220 


0:00     Introduction 

1:30     Mark’s business bio 

3:12     What has public speaking done for your business?      

4:27     How do you overcome the nervousness? 

6:50     How do you work with partnerships? 

9:03     How do you develop relationships with partners so that they recommend you? 

10:50   Where can you find these partnerships? 

13:22   How do you nurture the relationships you have with people in your database? 

15:17   Advice Mark would give to the younger Mark 

17:57   Action Item