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Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

After 30 years as a financial advisor and building a $100,000,000 book of business, Bruce Weinstein sold his financial services practice in 2016. With no former clients and only the relationships he had built, he and his wife started a new insurance business in 2020. In this episode of Stay Paid, Bruce shares the marketing and other activities he reactivated from his first business to successfully start up and run the business they own today. 

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Watch for Bruce’s podcast, Ask the Plan Man, coming soon. 


0:00     Introduction 

1:10     Bruce’s business bio 

2:46     What did you do to rebuild your business? 

4:23     Describe your networking group. 

5:23     There is a high level of intimacy among members 

6:11     Members are colleagues, business associates, clients 

7:00     Membership is restricted to one per industry 

7:27     Recommendations are needed to become a member 

8:53     What are the logistics that describe the meetings? 

13:40   What are the rules for the group? 

17:26   Give and take in networking groups 

19:41   How do you navigate a new group in pursuit of leads? 

23:28   How can someone join one of these groups? 

25:36   The power of being in proximity to like-minded individuals 

27:23   Elevated conversations that solve problems 

32:28     Action Item