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Stay Paid - A Sales and Marketing Podcast

May 5, 2022

Meetings are sometimes a necessary evil, but we’ve got 10 tips for making them more effective and valuable. Some of the responsibility for better meetings rests with its leaders, but participants also have a role to play in making meetings productive and advantageous for everyone. You can get more in-depth information and added details not included in the episode from our show notes. Visit 

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0:00     Introduction

2:39     Ensure you have an agenda

4:04     Come to the meeting prepared

4:51     Ensure the meeting has a leader/facilitator

6:20     Participate with questions and comments

8:03     Ensure the right people are in the room

8:45     Assess whether you need to attend a meeting

10:36   Ensure the meetings take no more time than needed

11:29   Show up early

12:48   Ensure action items are assigned and understood

13:54   Commit to completing your action items

17:32   Action Item