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Stay Paid - A Sales and Marketing Podcast

May 9, 2022

This week’s interview is with Chad Vaughan who has made his real estate career a success using Instagram as his primary lead-generating strategy. When you listen, you’ll hear his down-to-earth approach for using IG that includes a brilliantly simple way to generate content, how he uses IG polls to get engagement, and what he’s discovered about the efficacy of hashtags vs. captions. You can get more in-depth information and added details not included in the episode from our show notes. Visit 


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0:00     Introduction

2:28     Chad’s business bio

3:36     Social media gave him an infinite audience      

4:35     How did you produce content and convert it into leads?

5:49     My first clients came from Instagram polls

7:21     Do polls still work? How?

9:49     How do you develop your Instagram Reels?

12:08   Social media is the cornerstone of my business

14:21   Do you restrict your content to real estate?

16:32   About hashtags, captions, and algorithms [Golden Nugget]

19:24   Understanding the social media audience

22:20   The most useful perspective when posting to social media

23:45   Do what you do well, and be consistent [Golden Nugget]

25:43   Chad’s routines for success

27:43   Advice Chad would give to the younger Chad

28:56   Action Item


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