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Stay Paid - A Sales and Marketing Podcast

Sep 19, 2022

When Jay Falconio was hired by Remco Insurance Services to oversee operations and human resources, he was instructed to grow what was essentially a mom and pop commercial insurance business. Jay had transitioned from a career in hospitality, and he didn’t know a thing about his new industry. But he knew about people and how to treat them well, so, Joe did what he knew best. He found local talent to whom he gave time, attention, and guidance. He got to know employees as people outside of work, and they, in turn, bought into the culture at Remco. Listen and discover what it looks like to treat your employees and customers as if they were family and how you can balance accountability with caring. 

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0:00     Introduction 

1:05     Putting the “P” in persistence 

2:34     Jay’s background story 

5:13     Growing a small company 

6:37     Building a family-like company culture 

8:42     Finding employees that fit a culture 

10:57   Offer security to attract employees 

12:55   Benefits of niche job positions 

14:54   Balance accountability with family-like culture 

19:12   Marketing a small business 

25:57   Jay’s routine and words to live by 

25:12   Action Item