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Stay Paid Podcast

Oct 20, 2022

You know how important building a rapport with a potential client is—fail at this, and the chances of moving forward are close to none. And critical to being able to build a good rapport is making a positive first impression.

In today’s Silver Dollar episode, we share information we’ve gathered about how first impressions work in the brain, what people are judging in those first moments of meeting you, and the seven aspects of your body language that you can monitor and adjust to make a great first impression.

Be sure to check out our show notes at for more in-depth information and added details not included in the episode.

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Article: Why First Impressions Stick: And What You Can Do About It

0:00     Introduction

0:43     Instant likeability

1:42     The triune brain

3:07     Why first impressions stick

5:44     Tip #1: Adjust your attitude/facial expression

6:46     Tip #2: Stand tall

8:45     Tip #3: Smile slowly

9:20     Tip #4: Make eye contact

9:46     Tip #5: Active listening

10:44   Tip #6: Lower your vocal pitch

11:48   Tip #7: Shake hands

14:13   Action Item