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Stay Paid Podcast

Mar 29, 2024

Bullying, gossiping, slacking off鈥攖hese are just a few examples of the types of conduct that, if not stopped, can bring down morale, slow productivity, and, ultimately, affect your entire business. In this Stay Paid Silver Dollar episode, we discuss five different types of employees that have the potential to derail progress and ruin what you鈥檝e built. We point out the signs to look for and suggest ways to rein in the troublemakers so they contribute to, rather than detract from, all you鈥檙e trying to achieve.

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      Entrepreneur blog: 5 Types of Toxic Employees and How to Deal With Them (Infographic)

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0:00     Introduction

0:57     The danger of toxic employees

1:44     Responsibility to address the issue

2:45     #1 The hot mess

4:09     Correction

4:32     Expect greatness

5:17     #2 The slacker

6:40     The high cost of low productivity

7:30     Correction

8:40     #3 The martyr

9:19     Correction

10:26   #4 The socialite

10:59   Correction

12:50   #5 The sociopath

13:46   Correction

15:13   Action Item


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