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Stay Paid Podcast

Apr 18, 2024

When double-digit attempts to connect with someone who has already raised their hand don鈥檛 pay off, it can be immensely frustrating. Even the most diligent sales professionals eventually get weary of the crickets. In today鈥檚 Silver Dollar episode of Stay Paid, we discuss five tactics you can use to get any lead, including the most elusive ones, to respond. Listen to discover a strategy to keep control of the sale when your attempts to connect have failed, successful approaches used by call centers to vary the timing of your follow-ups, and a simple text you can adapt to your industry that practically guarantees a response every time.

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Connect | Resources

      Blog: 7 Tips to Get a Prospect to Respond to You (from Spiro)

      Free webinar recording: The Art of Following Up

You can get more free resources, including e-books, printables, additional webinar recordings, and lead magnets to attract new leads, by visiting our Resource Library.


0:00     Introduction

0:57     Tactic #1: Use multiple channels

4:50     Automation | Speed to lead

8:43     Tactic #2: Switch up attempts | Examples

10:22   Tactic #3: Offer item of value

13:40   Tactic #4: Keep control of follow up

15:07   Tactic #5: Make a personal connection | Examples

18:40   Action Item


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 How to Get Real Estate Leads to Respond [5 IRRESISTIBLE TACTICS]