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Stay Paid Podcast

Dec 24, 2018

As anyone who’s done it knows, there’s no shortcut to becoming a great salesperson. It takes plenty of real world experience, not to mention the guidance of seasoned veterans who’ve spent years honing their craft.

This special “best of” episode of Stay Paid highlights some of the most useful pieces of expertise shared on the show so far—touching on everything from the importance of cold calling to incorporating real emotion into your sales pitches.

Episode 4 – Four Things Salespeople Should Do Daily:

Key Point: Begin your day by prospecting, since that’s when you have the most energy.

Though it’s often the most awkward part of your job, networking with new people helps build your customer base. Prospecting for 1-2 hours each day, consistently, can lead to greater returns down the line.

Similarly, it’s important to be engaged on social media—not just posting regularly, but also liking and commenting on what others have posted. Be authentic on social media, as who you project yourself as online is who people assume you are in the “real world.” Building trust with your customers begins with presenting yourself authentically.

Episode 25 – How Emotion and Sales Go Hand-in-Hand:

Key Point: Emotions close sales.

Scripts serve an important purpose in sales calls, but it’s important not to come across as robotic. Prospects judge salespeople based on their words, their tone of voice, and even when they take pauses. That’s why it’s so crucial to convey emotion in your calls, as people buy based on emotion. When you truly believe in what you are selling, potential customers are far more likely to believe you.

Episode 18 – Why Every Salesperson Needs a Unique Selling Proposition:

Key Point: Be able to define what you can provide that the competition can’t.

Whether you’re selling real estate, financial services, or anything else, what you’re really selling is your brand. The first step is determining what it is your potential customers really want, and then figuring out how you can provide this. Rather than repeating a slogan or bragging about your credentials, emphasize how you can make things better for the person you are talking to. This will help you stand out from the competition and, ultimately, close more sales.

Episode 3 – The Art of Cold Calling:

Key Point: “Smile and dial.” When you face rejection, don’t lose the script.

Actors don’t win awards for simply reciting scripts, and you won’t make a sale just by reading one. Let your personality and enthusiasm show through in the words you are saying. Learn the lingo of the industry you’re targeting and incorporate it into the script. Most importantly, don’t be discouraged by failures. Studies have shown that people can hear you smiling over the phone—so be persistent, and don’t be afraid to put in the work.

Action Items

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