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Stay Paid Podcast

Jan 21, 2019

Are you giving your customers an experience they’ll remember? There’s a big difference between providing basic customer service and creating an exceptional experience that’s truly worth talking about.

On this week’s episode of Stay Paid, hosts Josh Stike and Luke Acree are joined by Mike Graziola, the VP of Operations and Client Success for ReminderMedia. Now in his 14th year with the company, Mike shares what he’s learned about providing a customer experience that goes above and beyond.

Key Points

  • Get out of the “vendor mindset.”
  • Customers will tell everybody about an amazing experience.
  • Be proactive, not reactive.

Get out of the vendor mindset.

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but many basic customer service functions are able to be performed by computers. In the face of automation, the professionals who will succeed are the ones who can create a real, emotional connection with customers.

When you view each customer interaction as just a transaction, you’re missing a chance to build a lasting, meaningful relationship. Look for opportunities to help your clients achieve more than they’re expecting. Empower them to reach their goals. When you show commitment to your customers, they’ll come back to you again and again.

Customers remember exceptional experiences.

At the end of the day, your customers are not going to remember sales experiences that went as expected—those which were, effectively, just “okay.” What they will remember are the experiences that were truly unforgettable, and they’ll be sure to tell their family and friends.

There are some simple, yet practical ways to create this kind of experience for your customers. For example, if a client needs a plumber, rather than just giving them the name of one, offer to make an appointment with a plumber whom you know and trust. If they go out to eat frequently, provide a list of the five best area restaurants. Think of it as concierge service.

Ultimately, when your customers know they can come to you for a variety of needs, they won’t forget about you.

Be proactive.

If you don’t give your clients value, someone else will. The key is to become invested in your customers’ lives. If you don’t already have one, get a CRM. Then, use it to keep track of not just your clients’ names and contact information, but who they are.

Make a note of the best methods and times for getting a hold of your customers. Use the CRM to record other information that might come in handy. Do they have pets? Do they like to exercise? What kinds of services might they need that might not necessarily fall in your wheelhouse, but for which you could provide a referral?

When you learn about your customer’s individual needs and values, you’ll be better able to provide them with truly exceptional service.

Action Items

  • Find out when and how to best reach customers.
  • Decide the three best ways to personalize your services and be prepared to take action.

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