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Stay Paid Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

Luke and I couldn’t be happier to interview Andy Dane Carter for a second time. Andy is an agent who has worked for years with investment properties. And recently (after eating a big slice of humble pie) has successfully added residential sales to his repertoire.

Andy is a fan of Stay Paid, and the feeling is mutual. He’s living proof that investing in branding and building relationships pays off. And he knows through personal experience, which he shares during this interview, that sticking with his marketing plan and having the patience to it takes to build trust works.

You’ll discover what Andy needed to do to successfully transition from working with investment properties to residential homes. He explains why “lead follow-up is a 1,000 times more important than lead generation.” Plus, he talks about believing that business is first about customer service, then about marketing, and lastly … everything else.