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Stay Paid - A Sales and Marketing Podcast

Dec 30, 2021

Setting goals is more than a New Year's cliché. Don’t ask us to explain, but according to neuroscientists, there’s a part of the brain that believes desired outcomes are an essential component of who we believe we already are. That, in turn, sets up the conditions that drive us to fulfill the brain’s self-image! In a way, if you can picture what you want to achieve, then you can achieve it. In this Silver Dollar episode, we talk about 4 types of goals to pursue in 2022 that cover all the important parts of our lives: self-development, health, family/relationships, and business/career. 

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0:00     Introduction 

1:01     Inspirational examples of people keeping their resolutions 

2:55     Goal 1: Self-development (You can change your brain) 

5:05     Goal 2: Health (SMART goals) 

8:21     Goal 3: Relationships (Be intentional) 

11:14   Goal 4: Business (Start with what you want) 

15:26   Action Item