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Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Oct 31, 2022

We’re super excited because not only is this Silver Dollar episode of Stay Paid airing on Halloween, it’s also our 400th episode! Today, we discuss the four critically important and most lucrative groups of people you need to be calling right now and before the holidays to stand out, reconnect, and set the tone for future calls and business in the coming new year.

Be sure to check out our show notes at for more in-depth information and added details not included in the episode.

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0:00     Introduction

2:14     Group 1: Prospects

3:02     The best mindset for calling prospects    

3:52     The numbers don’t lie: Baylor U study    

4:40     Tip: Call old leads

5:22     Best times to call

5:51     Tip: Watch cold calls on YouTube

6:39     Group 2: Past clients

7:19     Why you must ask for referrals

8:21     5 reasons to call past clients

10:03   Group 3: Vendor referral partners

10:48   How to identify vendor referral partners

11:54   Group 4: Sphere of influence

12:41   The best mindset for calling your sphere

16:28   Action Item